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Our baby room is clean, cosy and comfortable. Offering an enjoyable atmosphere to grow and develop their confidence, creativity and communication. Our daily home diaries promote accurate communication, allowing you to know exactly what your child has been doing each day in your absence.



Rising Threes

Our dedicated rising three’s room is situated within the pre-school floor, allowing for the occasional free-flow play with a range of children. Children are moved up to the rising three’s room around the term before their third birthday. Within this room the numbers are much smaller allowing for accelerated learning before they enter our main pre-school.



Our vast outdoor space encourages children to explore the natural environment freely. With a range of zones to offer various learning experiences.

Our garden houses a racing track, offering endless physical development and role play opportunities.

A large sand pit for digging, pouring and building. A mud pit with a brand new mud kitchen for outdoor mud pie making.

Engage your child all day long in fun and educational activities that nurture their young minds and create interpersonal skills such as team work and communication. Bright Swans Day Nursery offers a private day nursery service for children who are 6 weeks old and above.

kids playing in sand

Our pre-school floor is a large environment filled with encouragement and independent choices in preparation for their school years to come. We offer the final foundations to build children’s self-confidence, whilst still providing reassurance and continuous support.

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Our spacious and cosy Toddler room offers acess to fun and stimulating activities throughout the whole day for ages 18 months - 2 1/2 years.

Children have full access to the ajoined large garden area at all times to promote their physical development.